​Standard Home Inspection

​Why only have your home inspected twice? The first time your happy and smiling; the second, you are crying. We recommend inspecting every 5 years. This ensures you won't have any surprises!

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Are you buying or selling a home?  

We provide expert home inspections to help identify deferred maintenance issues, such as roof and water intrusion, as well as deficiencies with structural and basic operational components of the home, such as HVAC, electrical/lighting and plumbing.  We want to help you make informed decisions on the value of your home.  We're available 7 days a week for your home inspection.  We encourage you to be present for the inspection and ask questions.


We not only give you a report that will both inform you of the issues found at the home inspected but we give you the "owner’s manual" and educate you about the home and the components contained within.

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Maintenance Inspection

Residential Inspections

​Whether you are buying or selling a home, we provide expert home inspections, that can help you make informed decisions on the value of your home.

Special Offers

  • ​Police and Fire Professionals - 10% off your inspection service

  • Energy Survey $250 - This is a visual evaluation and in depth look of your home and potential energy loss areas.  There is no specialized equipment used, this is just a survey which includes up to two hours of consultation on how you can conserve energy.