- Footings & foundation

   - Wall & ceiling covers
   - Framing / rough
   - MEP (mechanical electrical and plumbing)
   - Insulation

​   - Final inspection


​   - Footings & foundation

​   - Final inspection

specialty inspections & Services


​New Construction
Existing Buildings
ADA evaluations and transitional plans - compliance with accessibility code

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Standard Inspections​

New Home Inspections


Individual Component e.g. siding, foundation issues, roofing, soil erosion & etc.

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new construction

NBI offers inspections for: New Construction Residential or Commercial projects, Existing Commercial or Residential buildings, Mold Evaluations, Warranty, and Stucco Evaluations.

​An inspection is for your security and peace of mind.  Nier Building Inspections gives a thorough and in-depth visual examination of the major components and the overall structure of the property. You are invited to join the inspector to relay any concerns you may have with the property. Inspections normally take from two to four hours. We stay until everything is inspected completely to your satisfaction.  Call us at (404) 277-6612 to schedule an appointment. 

​Additional services can be performed upon request to cover:

        - Mold
        - Radon
        - Methamphetamine
        - Energy Evaluations
        - DET testing
        - Energy Surveys
        - Estimates of construction

We will inspect your home or building to  make sure your remodeling will not cause any problems in the foreseeable future.  Remodeling inspection includes:
        - Whole House/Building Remodels
        - Basement Remodels
        - Additions​